Copley High Class of '72
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The 50th Reunion was a huge success! We had great fun (and missed those who weren't there).
If you took any photos, please forward to and we will add a photo display to the website.

Thanks to Tim Wigal for putting together the reunion music. Here are links to his "School's Out" playlist so everyone can enjoy: Apple Music | Spotify. Plus a link to more information on "The Songtrack of Our High School Years (1969 1972)" and a list of All 258 Hits (email if you'd like Word Doc versions of those pages).

Our Special Project:

We are very proud to annouce that, through individual donations plus a matching gift and the silent auction, we raised $12,000 for Copley Outreach Center! Thank you all.

Also see our Facebook group.

Email with any questions and comments.

This page updated 9/19/22.

Please check the "Missing" list - we are trying to find contact information for these classmates.